Lily Fortune Club has established a well respected professional brand, as a financial broker, in the Silicon Valley, California. We have operations in CA, WA, NY, NJ, MA, PA and Vancouver Canada. The founder, Lily Zhu, possesses a unique combination of entrepreneur, finance business and corporate management experience over 18 years. Lily was ranked as top 25 (0.1%) out of ~70,000 financial professionals in 2016 and was recognized in the US Fortune magazine in 2017.

Lily and her team represent over 200 top rated financial companies to provide total solutions and customized strategies including investment, retirement, life insurance, long term care, tax planning, estate planning and education planning.

We are also dedicated to establish the US asset diversification channel for oversea high net worth individuals and to provide long term and dependable professional services. We are passionate about helping people and educating local communities, and actively engaged in nonprofit and entrepreneur organizations.

We are currently expanding to serve more markets, and looking for potential business partners in US, Canada, and foreign countries such as China and India. Please contact us for details. Join us, be the CEO of your own business!

        Lily Fortune Club 是位于美国旧金山湾区拥有良好信誉的专业的财富管理团队,并且在加州,华盛顿州,纽约州,新泽西州,马萨诸塞州,宾夕法尼亚州和加拿大的温哥华都开有办公室。创始人 Lily Zhu 拥有超过18年的企业家,金融行业和公司管理的经验。我们的团队在2016年全美7万个金融从业人员中排名前25,并且在2017年登上了财富杂志。


      我们也致力于为中国高净值人群建立以美元为主的资产多样化的渠道,并提供长期可靠的专业服务。 我们也致力于帮助个人家庭,为本地社区提供金融知识教育讲座,并参加了多个非营利组织和企业家组织。